Technology and Communications

              Whether you are a global technology giant, a supplier to, or customer of the technology industry, we can help you navigate the legal and regulatory challenges. DWF assures that innovate products and business models are developed and distributed in a compliant way throughout the entire value chain – in all essential industry sectors.

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              We have created a team of world class technology lawyers with deep technology and communications expertise and experience. With offices across the world and a network of specialists in jurisdictions such as Asia and the Middle East, we provide the insight you need to scale and develop your business.

              We work right across the sector, having an in-depth understanding of tech businesses including global platforms, hardware/software innovators and telecoms giants. We also provide specialist advice to companies in other sectors such as Retail and Financial services who are making significant technology investments, for example in the areas of:

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              Klaus Brisch, LL.M. (USA)

              • Partner // Global Head of Technology // Certified Information Technology Attorney

              Marco Müller-ter Jung, LL.M. (Informationsrecht)

              • Partner // Certified Information Technology Attorney

              Andreas Panzer

              • Partner // Head of Tax (Germany)

              Dr. Mathias Reif

              • Partner // Executive Partner (Cologne) // Head of Corporate & M&A (Germany) // Global Head of DWF Israel Desk

              Dr. Benjamin Kroymann, E.M.L.E. (Madrid)

              • Partner // Head of China Desk (Germany)

              Claudia Rehse

              • Senior Associate

              Florian Daniel, LL.M. (Media Law)

              • Senior Associate // Certified Attorney for Intellectual Property Rights

              Dr. Dietmar Althaus

              • Senior Associate