Food and Consumer Products

              Food, Feed and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs), like toys, textiles, tobacco products, personal protective equipment, etc., have to comply with highly regulated legal standards, which may intersect with your business strategy. It requires a special focus and flexibility to ascertain protection from dangerous or defective products, business malpractice and confusing communications.

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              We understand the significance of and assist you in anticipating, shaping and complying with regulations at international, national and local level towards State Authorities and competitors in order to reduce the risk of violations. We make sure that your products are safe and compliant, without impairing attractiveness, design or presentation, and also ensure that in-store and online business activities towards consumers are unobjectionable. Further, we advise and assist judicially and extra-judicially in handling third party complaints, advertising claims and regulatory actions.

              In particular, our services encompass:

              • Product safety and product liability; 
              • Regulatory compliance with importation and exportation issues;
              • Marketability of products and materials/ingredients (e.g. safety evaluation and ingredient approval);
              • Product registration and CE marking;
              • Product and labeling review;
              • Claims and advertisement assessment;
              • Crisis management (eg product recalls, media and consumer relations strategies);
              • Counseling and representation at administrative actions, consumer complaints and competitor lawsuits.

              Oliver Bolthausen, LL.M. (USA), FCIArb (UK)

              • Partner // Executive Partner (Munich) // Global Head of International Arbitration & Disputes

              Dr. Benjamin Kroymann, E.M.L.E. (Madrid)

              • Partner // Head of China Desk (Germany)

              Claudia Rehse

              • Senior Associate

              Dr. Dietmar Althaus

              • Senior Associate

              Dr. Daisy Walzel

              • Partner // Head of Competition (Germany)