Dr. Wolfgang Richter, Diplom-Volkswirt, Abogado (Madrid)

              Partner // Executive Partner (Berlin)

              Wolfgang is a business lawyer and economist with long-term experience in financial transactions and development and execution of business models. He is an expert on FinTech related topics.

              Wolfgang’s main focus currently is on FinTech issues, in particular Initial Coin Offerings, Blockchain and crypto currency structures. 

              With 20 years of experience as a Banking and Finance lawyer he continues to advise on M&A deals in the financial sector, real estate finance, securitizations, non-performing loan deals as well as equity and debt structuring.

              This also includes advising investors and financial institutions on product development and strategy.

              Wolfgang has long worked for major international law firms including the law practice of a Big Four accounting firm, where he developed close working relationships with middle market companies as well as large multinational conglomerates. Wolfgang has also worked for the Treuhandanstalt, the government agency charged with privatising all state-owned companies in the former East Germany, where he was responsible for collaborating and coordinating with investment bankers, business consultants, legal and audit firms. This gave him considerable insight into modern management structures.