Michael Falter

              Partner // Managing Partner (Germany)

              Michael is the Managing Partner of DWF Germany. He also specialises in corporate law and has significant experience in commercial and corporate litigation and dispute management. 

              Michael handles cross-border and multi-jurisdictional M&A projects, complex joint venture agreements, representing clients in corporate and post-M&A disputes and the acquisition of companies in administration (distressed M&A).

              He also advises on all general corporate law issues, including business restructuring. His sector expertise includes retail and fashion, chemicals, insurance, food and beverage, real estate and construction for clients across Europe, the Middle East and the US.

              • English legal commentary on the GmbHG (Limited Liability Companies Act). http://gmbhg.kommentar.de/eng/Abschnitt-3/Aufgabenkreis-der-Gesellschafter.
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              • Good Leaver-/ Bad Leaver Provisions and its enforcements, Juve Handbuch 2012/2013, co-authored with Dr. Mathias Reif.
              •  Kommentierung der §§ 712 bis 716 BGB in: von Göler Kommentare, BGB.Kommentar.de, abrufbar unter www.bgb.kommentar.de.
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