Heinrich-Peter Rothmann

              Counsel // Ambassador (Retired)

              As a former German career diplomat (Ambassador ret.) Heinrich-Peter advises clients who are expanding internationally. He specialises in public policy, regulatory matters, sanctions and embargoes as well as all kind of negotiations with public authorities/governments.

              Heinrich-Peter has served Germany as a diplomat amongst others in the USA (San Francisco, Atlanta) and as the German ambassador to Haiti and Libya. He has also held several high ranking positions in the Foreign Service.

              Heinrich-Peter is actively involved in international affairs and policymaking and assists clients mostly from Germany or the US with their international issues, especially in challenging jurisdictions. He is prepared to support in German, English and French. Heinrich Peter focusses on sanctions/export control issues, international private law as well as immigration/consular issues.

              For several years now, he has assisted foreign entities with any issues they might have with German (or EU) public authorities. Heinrich-Peter is a frequent speaker on foreign affairs and a long standing advisor on Libya and related issues.