Blockchain disrupts traditional business models by allowing decentralized data storage at minimal costs. This allows the usage of digital tokens in multiple ways: for exchanges, for rewards, for information and more.

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              DWF is among the few law firms that understands the Blockchain technology and can help your business to utilize it.

              Although Blockchain was initially developed in connection with Bitcoin, it is now applied in a far wider range. Technologies that use Blockchain include:

              • software-defined legal contracts (Smart Contracts)
              • paper-less bookkeeping
              • trustless escrow, online dispute resolution
              • public registries (real estate, companies, …)
              • electronic voting
              • crowd funding, venture capital, private equity, ICOs
              • sharing economy
              • distributed autonomous organizations
              • energy trading, e-mobility
              • … and many more

              At DWF we are committed to becoming the leading global law firm for regulatory challenges arising in the context of Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, including cryptocurrencies.

              By collaborating with distinguished Blockchain experts we combine our pre-existing expertise in financial regulation with the technological capabilities required to become a global leader in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain space.

              Our Global Blockchain Leadership Team is located in Berlin, one of the leading hubs for Blockchain startups and research. Regular exchange with the local crypto and Blockchain community keeps us up-to-date on relevant developments.

              Our long-standing relationships with regulators and financial authorities all over Europe enables us to solve our clients’ compliance issues with ease.

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              • Blockchain PreMasters 2017, Talk on „ICOs – Crowdfunding on Blockchain“, Cologne, 12 December 2017
              • Pirate Summit InsurTech: Vortrag zu Blockchain/InsurTech, Cologne, 14 November 2017]
              • SAP&FMVÖ: Blockchain and The Token Economy, Key Note: Introduction into the world of token economy, Vienna, 13 November 2017
              • Institut für Informations-, Telekommunikations- und Medienrecht/RWTÜV-Stiftung: Chances, Law and Regulation, Talk about Blockchain applications for autonomous cars, Münster, 7 November 2017
              • 9984 Summit by IPDB/BigchainDB, Berlin October 2017, Panelist on “Blockchain&Society – can we build the good without unleashing the bad?”
              • Token Regulation Summit, Vienna, 2/3 October 2017, Panellist on “Kind of tokens and classification for regulatory, legal and tax purposes” Panel, Key Note Speaker on Moderator of Panel “Quo vadis” 
              • TICA – Tokens ICOs&Cryptocurrencies Meetup, Talk “Legal Environment of Token Economy”, Berlin, 21 September 2017
              • Risikoausschuss des Verbands deutscher Pfandbriefbanken e.V. (vdp), presentation “Cryptoeconomie”, Hamburg, 21 September 2017
              • Neue Energiewelt Blockchain Tag: Präsentation zum rechtlichen Umfeld von Blockchains, September 2017
              • Meetup by Astratum/Blockchain Bundesverband/Earlybird/DWF/Innovationsforum Hamburg: Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) - A New Way of Corporate Financing, Berlin, 31 August 2017
              • BigchainDB/IPDB Meetup Berlin: Token ICOs, Talk “ICO – requirement of self regulation and German legal view”, 2 August 2017
              • Ethereum Meetup Munich, The State of the ICOS, Talk “Legal aspects of ICOs”, 25 July 2017
              • Tech Open Air, Astratum Satellite Event: Panellist on the ICO Panel, July 2017
              • The Block – Blockchain Conference&Barcamp, presentation “Legal Aspects of Blockchain”, Hannover 14 June 2017
              • Rechtsausschuss des Verbands deutscher Pfandbriefbanken e.V. (vdp), presentation “Relevance of Blockchain for Pfandbrief banks”, Berlin 31 May 2017
              • Euroforum Best of Blockchain Konferenz, Düsseldorf 13/14 March 2017, presentation 'Blockchain and Law'
              • Panel New Product/New Market with insights on cryptocurrencies/ICOs, SuperReturn International 2017, Berlin 27 February 2017 
              • Berlin Legal Tech Conference, 10 February 2017, presentation about legal aspects of Blockchain
              • Blockchain-technology and cashless payments, expert training Bundesbank, Frankfurt 15/16 December 2016
              • DAppHack Berlin 2016 at Agora Collective, 26 November 2016, presentation together with Florian Glatz
              • Nexussquared Law & Regulation Roundtable, Zürich 24 November 2016
              • Bitkom Blockchain Day, Frankfurt 6 October 2016, presentation 'Blockchain - The Legal Perspective' and Panelist on the panel 'Future of Blockchain'
              • Panellist, GETD#4 Summit & Hackathon Berlin, 22 & 23 July 2016: Panel DAO & Governance
              • Presentation at Nexusquared @ FinLeap, Berlin 26 May 2016: 'The application of blockchain from a legal perspective’

              Klaus Brisch, LL.M. (USA)

              • Partner // Global Head of Technology // Certified Information Technology Attorney

              Florian Daniel, LL.M. (Media Law)

              • Senior Associate // Certified Attorney for Intellectual Property Rights