Information Technology, Internet & Telecommunication

              DWF advise national and international companies in the technology sector on sector-specific, commercial issues as well as companies using technologies in the field of IT, telecommunications, internet and media law. We also advise on IT licences, hardware and software contracts as well as on technology-based transactions.

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              Experienced experts accounted for their expertise in IT and telecommunication law advise national and international companies in the information technology industry (eg telecommunication and software companies, system houses, IT service providers as well as global retail platforms) on sector-specific, commercial issues and problems in connection with IT law. Our legal services include:

              • Drawing up and negotiating hard and software contacts as well as general Terms & Conditions
              • Creating and advising on complex (migration) projects in the information and technology sector on an international and national basis
              • Outsourcing of IT services
              • IT compliance
              • Protecting intellectual property and advising on licence rights
              • Law on eCommerce
              • Data protection law and issues concerning data security
              • Analysing and legally compliant implementation of business models (eg in eCommerce)
              • Digital Signature Act

              In addition, DWF’s IT law experts advise sector-specific companies and assist in acquisitions in the technology sector. Our expertise in IT and technology law further includes legal advice on digitalisation in all industries and the market launch of innovative technology products. DWF also advise companies when developing new technologies and business models such as in the field of 3D printing/additive manufacturing, autonomous driving, internet of things, industrial internet and big data.

              "DWF are quick to respond to our business needs, both with regard to legal advice and in-house support. Their collaborative and commercial approach has only served to further strengthen our relationship and enhance their credentials as one of our trusted legal advisors."
              Telefónica | UK Limited

              "We started working with DWF about six months ago. I’ve been very impressed with the way they have rolled up their sleeves and invested time in getting to know our business and how we work. Our business isn’t easy to understand but DWF have shown commitment and tenacity in ensuring a good grasp of our industry as well as Expedia, from junior associate upwards."
              Expedia Inc

              “Effective problem solvers and good and honest communicators. The people at DWF are not only excellent lawyers and the fact that they have been supporting us for years now makes it much easier for them to understand the business side as well. This is, in our view, what makes them different from other law firms - and honestly, one of the main reasons why we like to come back to them with so many of our legal needs.”
              Media Broadcast

              “DWF is pragmatic, fast and results-driven. It has been a pleasure to work with them. We gladly recommend this law firm to anyone who seeks talented and energetic lawyers who deliver what they promise. They work hard until they reach the desired outcome. On a side note, we also got to know them as good-humored and friendly professionals.” 

              Klaus Brisch, LL.M. (USA)

              • Partner // Global Head of Technology // Certified Information Technology Attorney

              Claudia Rehse

              • Senior Associate

              Marco Müller-ter Jung, LL.M. (Informationsrecht)

              • Partner // Certified Information Technology Attorney

              Dr. Dietmar Althaus

              • Senior Associate

              Florian Daniel, LL.M. (Media Law)

              • Senior Associate // Certified Attorney for Intellectual Property Rights