DWF Speak Out

              A cost effective and confidential solution to help your employees, contractors or suppliers report concerns relating to your working environment. 

              The cost of fraud and corruption to the UK economy has been estimated by the National Fraud Authority to range from £50bn to £73bn over the past two years.

              DWF Speak Out allows you to tackle fraud issues, health and safety concerns and any other issues of concern that arise in the business environment. The hotline will enable your employees to anonymously and confidentially report areas of concern and potentially avoid serious incidents.

              How does it work?

              You will receive a designated 24/7 whistleblowing hotline number which can be tailored to your needs. We will discuss your bespoke requirements with you. When we receive a call a report will be sent directly to you from a member of our Fraud and Risk Services team.

              If you decide further investigation is required, we will work with you to examine the incident further and agree a strategy to deal with the issue.

              What are the benefits to you?

              • DWF Speak Out is a cost-effective way of allowing your employees to confidentially report misconduct, health and safety issues and any other matters of concern to an independent third party.
              • It will result in your employees being more likely to raise their concerns, as many are unwilling to report misconduct because of fear of being identified by their employer.
              • By investigating possible misconduct early, you can potentially avoid negative PR, physical injury to your employees or third parties, fines and financial consequences.

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