DWF Asset Aware

              Intangible assets are increasingly becoming a business’ most valuable asset. dwf asset aware can help you to protect your confidential information, trade secrets and intellectual property.

              Are you:

              A manufacturer under constant pressure from customers or businesses in your supply chain to give access to your confidential production processes, materials and component specifications or software source codes? A producer or retailer sub-contracting design and manufacture functions and so sharing your new product designs, product recipes or formulae and product development plans outside of your business?

              An employer with staff involved in agile working, working from home or at customers’ premises or as part of a development or project team with customers’ staff or other third parties?

              If so:

              How do you identify, protect and police the dissemination of your confidential and commercially sensitive business and product information? Where disclosure is allowed, do you have processes in place to regulate and record this?

              Do your employees have access to confidential business information and business development plans? Are they aware such information is confidential and should not be shared with customers, suppliers or project partners without approval? Are you capturing and protecting confidential information and IPR developed on your behalf by third parties? Are you confident those third parties are not using them elsewhere?

              DWF Asset Aware can give you peace of mind that you are in the best possible position to protect your business & assets.

              How it works?

              We prepare a comprehensive audit report setting out clear risk ratings and allowing you to easily prioritise the actions required.

              The audit includes a review and analysis of:

              • Your top ten key business contract templates in use with customers, JV partners, suppliers, manufacturers and consultants.
              • How your employees and third parties use and access confidential information and how such access is controlled.
              • Confidentiality and restrictive covenant obligations placed on your third parties, such as employees, suppliers, customers and product development partners.
              • We will ask you to complete a questionnaire to capture both the practical and documented arrangements you have in place and will also arrange a face to face meeting with one of our specialist legal experts. 

              Benefits to you

              • A detailed analysis of your existing arrangements will enable you to make informed business decisions about how you can best prepare and
                protect against risk and safeguard your assets.
              • Our recommendations will ensure you implement the right protection to strengthen your ability to protect intangible assets.
              • An assurance that you are in the best possible position to protect your assets by taking enforcement action, should it become necessary

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              Intellectual property theft costs British businesses £9.2 billion a year! DWF Asset Aware gives you easy access to expert legal advice in all areas which impact on protecting your intangible assets - saving you time and money.

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