Connected Services

              With specialist products and services focused on managing risk, cost, time, reputation and resource, we solve many of our clients' business needs.

              Responding to client need, we created Connected Services, a range of services that complement our legal offering as well as offering stand-alone consultative services and products.

              We are leading the way in the legal sector in terms of adding value far beyond the traditional legal advisor role, offering clients an end-to-end service to solve their business challenges.

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              Managing cost

              Managing Cost

              The challenge for global business leaders is to see how they can lower overall business expense and increase financial stability to securely invest in opportunities and improvements despite economic uncertainty.

              Risks associated with poor financial management, abuse and fraud can be controlled and reduced by effective costs management processes.

              We can help you deliver the right costs management objectives to enable your business to thrive.

              Managing reputation

              Managing your reputation

              In today's highly connected world, news travels fast and a company's reputation, its most valuable asset, can be damaged in minutes by a cyber breach, work accident, fraud or third party relationship.

              Reputation damage can have a significant impact on a business's revenue as well as a lasting impact on the brand; properly managing your reputation has become a critical business issue.

              From identifying the key risk areas of your business and supply chains, right through to supporting you in protecting your brand, we can help you protect and enhance your reputation.

              Managing resource

              Managing your resource

              To remain successful and competitive, businesses must continually scrutinise their resource needs to increase efficiency and profitability.

              Technology can play a vital role in improving and solving day-to-day issues and streamlining business work flows.

              Our resource tools and services help you to improve your processes, making your business more efficient, eliminating unnecessary costs and enabling you to direct support to higher value areas.

              Managing risk

              Managing your risk

              Completely extinguishing risk in today's connected, complex and fast-moving world is impossible, but risk-leaders are adopting vigilant and resilient processes to reduce their risk and create opportunities for positive growth and innovation.

              We have a wide breadth of tools to help you identify, reduce and manage risk within your business.

              Managing time

              Managing your time

              Time can't be bought or recovered but it can be protected and saved. By improving the efficiency of daily operations you can give your business and clients the time they need to think and focus on the issues that matter.

              Employee productivity and collaboration, supported by the latest advancements in technology, can bring with it the possibility to create time where it did not exist before.

              Our tools enable you to take care of time within your business, attend to priority issues and establish resource models that keep you moving forwards.