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              DWF Blockchain Meetup: German Blockchain Financial Services Infrastructure

              DWF welcomes Blockchain enthusiasts to its first meetup within the DWF Blockchain Meetup Series in Berlin.

              03 September 2018

              DWF Germany Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
              Linkstr. 12
              10785 Berlin

              We will kick off with a topic, which creates a main hurdle for Blockchain ventures in Germany: the still nascent financial services infrastructure actually offering services to Blockchain companies. One problem solved in the meantime by e.g. Volksbank Mittweida eG is the availability of (fiat) bank accounts. solarisBank AG explores options to support the emerging decentralized paradigm. Fractal builds identity and payment software models for the decentralised web. Börse Stuttgart is about to provide the first step towards a German crypto exchange.

              We would like to offer these early adopters a stage and provide German Blockchain startups with much needed financial services. Furthermore, we will discuss the lack in terms of financial services infrastructure in Germany and how to achieve these goals.

              Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler, Partner at DWF, will guide through the evening. Presentations:


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