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            Über uns

            Wir sind eine international tätige Rechtsanwaltskanzlei, für die ihre Mandanten jederzeit im Mittelpunkt stehen. 

            In einer sich rasch wandelnden Welt sehen sich Unternehmen ständig neuen Herausforderungen ausgesetzt. Gemeinsam mit unseren Mandanten entwickeln wir Lösungen, um diese Herausforderungen zu meistern. 

            Unsere Kanzlei

            Wir sind eine weltweit tätige Rechtsanwaltskanzlei, die sich mit mehr als 1.600 Rechtsanwältinnen und Rechtsanwälten um die Belange Ihrer nationalen und internationalen Mandanten kümmert. Dabei rücken wir stets die Interessen unserer Mandanten in das Zentrum unseres Handelns. 

            Aus unseren langfristigen und vertrauensvollen Mandatsbeziehungen kennen wir die branchenspezifischen Probleme unserer Mandanten und stellen uns gemeinsam mit unseren Mandanten neuen Herausforderungen. Dabei greifen wir auf das Wissen und die Erfahrungen unserer Kolleginnen und Kollegen in unseren internationalen Büros und unserem weltweiten Netzwerk zurück.

            Wir erbringen unsere rechtliche Beratung unter Nutzung moderner Technologie und bieten unseren Mandanten die Entwicklung technologiebasierter Lösungen für ihre rechtlichen Fragestellungen an. Für unsere Arbeit wurden wir von der Financial Times bereits als einer der innovativsten Rechtsberater Europas ausgezeichnet.

            Wir freuen uns darauf, gemeinsam mit Ihnen flexible und innovative Lösungen zur Bewältigung Ihrer speziellen geschäftlichen Herausforderungen zu finden. Vertrauen Sie dabei auf unsere erfahrenen Branchenspezialisten und Technikexperten. 


            Unsere Rechtsberatung wird durch weitere Beratungsleistungen (Connected Services) ergänzt. Hierdurch unterstützen wir unsere Mandanten dabei, bessere Entscheidungen zu treffen, Risiken zu verringern und Transparenz und Flexibilität zu steigern. 

            As well as having a highly talented team, DWF consistently demonstrate excellent transactional management skills, willingness to go the extra mile and always looking to improve the service to NewRiver. It is a genuine pleasure to be working with a legal team that are smart, market savvy, loyal and fun and we would not hesitate to recommend to DWF.
            – Allan Lockhart, Property Director NewRiver Retail
            Unsere Anwältinnen und Anwälte beziehen stets die wirtschaftlichen und strategischen Interessen unserer Mandanten in ihre Rechtsberatung mit ein. Unsere Mandanten profitieren dabei von unseren vertieften Branchenkenntnissen, internationalen Erfahrungen und umfassender Fachkompetenz.

            Connected Services 
            Wir bieten unseren Mandanten verschiedene technische Lösungen (Connected Services) als Antwort auf ihre geschäftlichen Herausforderungen wie das Management von Risiken, Kosten, Zeit, Reputation und Ressourcen und ergänzen hierdurch unsere Rechtsberatung. Hierfür haben wir ein eigenes Software-Unternehmen gegründet, das maßgeschneiderte technologische Lösungen für unsere Mandanten entwickelt. 


            Unsere Anwältinnen und Anwälte beraten unsere Mandanten umfassend zu verschiedenen rechtlichen Fragestellungen. Sie greifen dabei auf ein tiefes wirtschaftliches Verständnis, Branchenkenntnis und praktische Erfahrung zurück.

            Connected Services

            Connected Services umfassen verschiedene Lösungen, die unsere Rechtsdienstleistungen ergänzen sowie eigenständige Beratungsleistungen, Technologien und Produkte.


            Unsere Mandatsbeziehungen gründen auf vertrauensvoller und langfristiger Zusammenarbeit. 

            Wir stellen uns auf die spezifischen Bedürfnisse und Anforderungen unserer Mandanten, Mitarbeiter und der Communities, mit denen wir arbeiten, ein. 

            Mit einem sicheren Blick für‘s Detail entwickeln wir nachhaltige und innovative Lösungen, um die sich stellenden Herausforderungen unserer Mandanten gemeinsam zu meistern.

            For our clients

            Our clients range from FTSE 100 multinational household names to private individuals, from both the public and private sector. Our client base spans across international markets.

            We create value for our clients by providing intelligent and insightful legal advice and services which are aligned to their commercial reality. Meeting our clients’ needs is at the heart of our continuing drive to do things differently.

            For our people

            Our people include everyone who has a part to play in delivering client service excellence on behalf of DWF to our clients.

            We create value for our people by offering fulfilling and rewarding careers and continuing to invest in their development and care about their wellbeing.

            For our communities

            We believe that our community reaches further than our four walls. It’s not just about us but all the people around each of our offices. Who we are and what we do impacts on everyone.


            The DWF Foundation builds on our existing community activity in a focused and strategic way and demonstrates that when we all work together we can make a significant, positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. The pillars of the Foundation are: Homelessness, Health & Wellbeing, Employability and Education

            Find out more about the DWF Foundation


            We don’t want to react to climate change. We’re committed to tackling things head on. And that means starting with our own environmental impact.

            We’re a member of the Legal Sector Alliance on Climate Change and The Prince’s Mayday Network and we’re working with Business in the Community. This means we’re working hard to change our business reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve launched a new Environmental Management system. We’ve achieved ISO14001 certification and we’re maintaining it. We’ve reduced CO2 emissions per employee from 2.6 to 2 tonnes and a 15% reduction on paper reduction already. Telephone and video conferencing has increased by over 150% and we recycle 80% of our waste. We’ve even hosted Responsible Supply Chain Management events for BITC. And we haven’t stopped yet.

            Our clients are at the very heart of everything we do. We have always strived to offer the very best service. Excellence is our goal. As the first legal business to achieve the formal “Commitment to Excellence” Marque in the UK, it speaks volumes about our approach.

            You trust us to be the best at what we do. To test ourselves at every step. We have a dedicated Business Excellence Team. Day in, day out, they’re focused on ensuring we meet the very highest standards. That we have the right infrastructure, controls and processes in place to ensure success. That we’re continually improving and developing our management systems and acting on feedback.

            Every year we complete a business-wide audit programme. This is structured around our core areas of business, our Service Level Agreements, and the activities we undertake. We run internal, external and client audits, review our complaints, professional indemnity and risk assessment information, as well as listening to what you’ve had to say in client care reviews and other feedback. Our accreditation to the ISO 9001:2015 standard means we are externally assessed every six months.

            Because we’re always innovating, our approach to risk and governance is not a box-ticking exercise. We are continually monitoring and refining our processes to help us to be at the forefront of legal excellence.

            Our business-wide values programme reinforces our culture and brings a common framework to help support our strategic direction. Each value reinforces a culture of trust and integrity and unites our people in achieving a common purpose. This framework consciously and unconsciously influences actions and behaviours, which sets out a promise to our people, clients and wider community.

            We consulted with our people and our clients to shape and define five core values that underpin our culture, these are:

            • Always aim higher
            • Be better together
            • Disrupt to progress
            • Keep all promises
            • Attend to details

            Defining the values that demonstrate our culture and approach to client service allows us to understand the role we play in our communities, build capability through external partnerships, challenge the status quo and harness and respect diversity.


            Our values are embedded in our business and communicated through regular dialogue with its teams. We have also implemented key development initiatives to support the development of its people, including the introduction of our Expectations Framework. This provides our people with clear performance and development goals and supports performance management processes making it much easier to assess the contribution of its people and importantly, how results are delivered. We have also launched the DWF Academy to provide a framework for learning and development for all to ensure all employees build their career through improvement and innovation.

            Our annual Community Engagement Survey told us that 92% of our people are proud to work for a firm that supports its communities. That 93% would personally encourage others to volunteer and that 82% feel our community involvement improves their morale. The survey identified four key themes that now underpin our work: education, employability, the environment and homelessness. Last year, we spent 8,397 hours on community and pro bono work.

            Projects and activities

            We want to share our commitment to our values. They shape who we are and our approach to everything we do. That’s why we’re committed to community projects and activities. We build long lasting, sustainable relationships helping young people to achieve more in education, vulnerable people to find work, the voluntary and community sectors to become more effective, helping to protect and improve the environment and to grow enterprise. And we do this through fundraising, volunteering, team challenges, mentoring and pro bono initiatives.

            Watch this example of (Video - https://youtu.be/jE20StaFVAQ) our mentoring activity, involving students from the University of Wolverhampton Law School. Students were matched to a mentor who is appropriate to their career interests, giving the students the invaluable opportunity to engage with legal professionals before they embark on their own legal careers.



            “At DWF, we already have a richness of diversity in terms of thought, backgrounds, education, cultures and religious belief. Demographics and societal changes will increase and enrich that diversity. Our approach to diversity is to ensure it is not only present in terms of our policies but visible in practice throughout the firm and something I view as critical to our plans for future growth.”
            – Andrew Leaitherland, CEO & Managing Partner
            Vielfalt und Integration sind feste Bestandteile unserer Unternehmenskultur. Wir schätzen Vielfältigkeit, machen uns ihre Vorteile zunutze und stellen uns auf die Bedürfnisse unserer Mitarbeiter ein. Dies prägt uns; wir behandeln jeden fair, mit Würde und Respekt. Unser Tun wird durch unsere Werte geprägt und wird in der Unterstützung sichtbar, die wir unseren Mitarbeitern, Mandanten und den Communities, mit denen wir arbeiten, zukommen lassen.

            Taten statt Worte
            Wir leben unsere Werte. Sie bestimmen wie wir mit Menschen unabhängig von Alter, Geschlecht, Familienstatus, beruflicher Qualifikation oder Status, Hautfarbe, Nationalität, ethnischer Herkunft, Behinderung, sexueller Identität, Religion oder Weltanschauung umgehen.

            Wir fördern ein lebendiges, dynamisches und vielfältiges Arbeitsumfeld. Wir stehen dafür ein, dass jeder sein Potenzial frei von Diskriminierung und Belästigung jeglicher Art voll entfalten kann. 

            Our commitments to diversity and inclusion are more than just words. We live by them every day and they underpin how we care for people regardless of age, gender, relationship and family status, professional skills or status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, sexuality, religion or belief.

            We partner ambition, innovation and passion with dignity, respect and fairness. Hard work and personal responsibility apply across every aspect of this.

            We have promised to:

            • Create and maintain an inclusive workplace that respects and embraces diversity.
            • Ensure all our people and all our clients are treated as individuals and valued for their contribution to the business.
            • Facilitate opportunities for all by recognising and realising potential both in employment and business.
            • Ensure that DWF operates within legislative, risk and best practice frameworks.
            • Encourage our people, clients and suppliers to demonstrate ownership and responsibility for diversity and inclusion.

            Our Diversity Steering Group is involved in many projects connected to our Diversity Strategy. The formation of a Partner led Diversity Steering Group and network of Diversity Champions provides strong and visible leadership to support the implementation of the firm’s strategic diversity objectives and in doing so, embed diversity into the way we do business.

            We are proud to be a Stonewall Diversity Champion and our LGBT network group, OutFront, has been ranked as a Highly Commended Network Group. The commendation is to recognise the efforts of the top performing network groups within the Top 100.

            The Diversity Champions programme is Britain's good pratice employers' forum on sexual orientation.

            Find out more about the programme 

            Stonewall Top 100 Logo Stonewall diversity champion

            Our internal networking group “Out Front” offers a great networking opportunity via social media on our Yammer platform to share ideas; have a say in policies and procedures and updates on social groups and networking opportunities. Please contact OutFront@dwf.co.uk for more information.

            Proud to be Clear Assured - www.theclearcompany.co.uk

            We are the first UK law firm to achieve 'ClearAssured' status, establishing the firm as an inclusive recruiter for disabled talent. Developed by The Clear Company, the UKs leading auditors of inclusive recruitment practice, the benchmark helps organisations to identify and remove barriers from their recruitment policy, processes and practices which have the potential to exclude disabled people.

            Read more about Clear Assured 

            DC Leadership

            DWF has a positive approach to employing disabled talent. As a Disability Confident Employer we make commitments to support the needs of disabled talent within our business during the entire employee journey. We guarantee to interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for a vacancy.

            Working Families - Top Ten Employer  


            Working Families is the UK’s leading work-life balance organisation. The charity helps working parents and carers and their employers find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work.

            Find out how we are involved 

            We are members of BITC diversity campaigns, Workplace Gender Equality and Race at Work campaigns. This collaboration is helping to shape and strengthen our talent agenda and ensure we continue to attract and retain the best people. We have been participating in the yearly benchmarking cycle since 2014. We have been awarded Silver standard for Gender and Race diversity.

            We are member of The Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (ENEI) which is an organisation covering all aspects of equality and inclusion issues in the workplace.

            We are founder signatories to the Diversity and Inclusion Charter which launched in 2008. The Charter is a public commitment by legal practices to promote the values of diversity, equality and inclusion throughout their business. We therefore strive to ensure best practice through our recruitment, retention, career progression and learning and development.

            BITC Race at Work BITC Workplace Gender Equality

            We are member of The Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (ENEI) which is an organisation covering all aspects of equality and inclusion issues in the workplace.

            ENEI Member logo 

            We are founder signatories to the Diversity and Inclusion Charter which launched in 2008. The Charter is a public commitment by legal practices to promote the values of diversity, equality and inclusion throughout their business. We therefore strive to ensure best practice through our recruitment, retention, career progression and learning and development.